Benefit from millions of dollars spent in marketing. Reach the right audience.

Marketing your property to the right people can cost a fortune. Managing social media accounts and advertising campaigns may feel overwhelming, especially if you don’t have experience.

That’s why iTrip Vacations handles all this and more for our property owners. We spend millions of dollars each year on advertising, marketing and social media. With iTrip, your potential reach can exceed 250 million users a month.

It’s more important than ever to target the right audience. Leisure travel is up more than 25 percent since 2009. Millennials – those 18 to 34 in 2015 – dominate the buying public. The vacation rental demographic has gotten younger, with more than half of renters between the ages of 25 and 44. Nearly 60 percent of travelers use a laptop or computer on vacation, and 50 percent use their smartphone.

Do you have the time and money to market to the right people?

List with iTrip Vacations and let us do it for you. Our content, marketing and social media teams build engaged audiences on high-traffic online portals.

You benefit from the following:

  • Partnership with a respected brand...

    in vacation rental property management that reaches millions of people every day.

  • Custom Web page on

    that features your property’s listing.

  • Presence on all major social media platforms...

    including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube.

  • Monthly email marketing campaigns...

    that showcase destinations, deals and relevant content.

  • Social media campaigns...

    that highlight destinations and deals and target specific audiences.

  • Shareable and relevant content...

    specific to your area including blog posts, photos and videos.


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